Wild Clay Workshop / adults

Under the guidance of designer Rok Oblak, you will learn about the soil purification process, how to perform a basic analysis of the composition of soil from the Krater construction site, and how to extract clay. In part 2, which will be held at Delavnica Levo, you will be introduced to some of the techniques used to process wild clay, such as pressing it into 3D-printed moulds and extruding it using laser-cut templates. You will shape and make pots and cups, and then bake them into useful items that you can take home with you.

Who is this workshop for?

All present and aspiring enthusiasts and future pottery makers, everyone interested in traditional and new technologies and all nature lovers that like to get their hands dirty. 

About the mentor

Rok Oblak is a Ljubljana-based independent designer and craftsman, working from Delavnica Levo, the city’s multidisciplinary studio space. His creations use a variety of materials, though mostly natural biocomposites and ceramics. Under his own Salto Dionys brand, he conceptualises new methodologies for production processes and offers design workshops and other events for creators of all ages.

Skills required: none
Number of participants: 6-8
Goalprocessing of wild clay
Activities: excavation and filtration, drying, kneading, extruding, glazing, firing
Materials: wild clay, wood, glaze
Toolsbuckets, shovels, hoes, colanders, cotton bags, 3D-printed mouds, extruder, laser-cut wooden templates, pottery kiln, water, soil, small shaping tools
Workshop author and mentorRok Oblak
Co-producer: Krater and Delavnica Levo

Duration: over 3 separate days


Day 1: 11 August between 17:00 and 20:00 (Krater):
material excavation and filtration
drying clay in cotton bags  

Day 2: 25 August between 17:00 and 20:00 (Delavnica Levo)
kneading clay, preparing tools
product design

Day 3: 8 September between 18:00 do 20:00 (Delavnica Levo)
product review
evaluation and reflection  

Price80eur (65 eur*)
* applies to pupils, students, pensioners, unemployed persons, asylum-seekers and refugees


TRR: SI56 0126 1600 0002 804
Name and address: Kreativno središče Center Rog, Trubarjeva 72, SI-1000 Ljubljana 
Purpose of payment: Name and Surname of the participant
Reference: 00 22-11082022 

At RogLab at Petkovškovo nabrežje 67, on workdays from 12 pm to 8 pm from Monday to Friday.

Payment serves as a confirmation of your application.