True VR magic / 10-15

In the physical world, it’s clear where our own boundaries lie, and where I end and you begin. We know what’s real and where imagination steps in. What about the virtual worlds? Are they any less real even if they’re not palpable? If you feel something in a virtual world, does it make it any less real? These tantalising questions will lead us on an intriguing path of discovery at the virtual reality workshop. We’ll be testing out how quickly our brain and senses can adapt to a virtual environment and try to deceive them with cunning tricks. Think we’ll be able sense traps? Our senses are much more intertwined than it might seem. As we play around with the concept of sensation and reality, we’ll think about what our world might be like once the virtual and physical realities merge into one.

Skills required: none
Number of participants: 10
Goal: researching concepts of virtual reality
Activities: tech-art games
Skills acquired: understanding the concepts of virtual reality
Tools: VR glasses
Workshop author and mentor: Maša Jazbec