Animated Street Installations / 11+ years

As a part of the 18th International Animated Film Festival - Animateka, an Animated Street Installation workshop will be held in co-production with Rog Center and Slon SocietyWith the help of a laser cutter, we will createminiature installations in twelve phases of movement. Placed after, in different parts of the nearby streets of Ljubljana, we will revive them with the help of a special application. We will share the videos created in this way on social networks and encourage others to find them and bring them to life on their own.

The workshop will take place on 30 November 2021, from 4 pm to 8 pm in the Rog Centre project office, 8 Wolfova ulica, Ljubljana

You can sign up your child here: SIGN UP FORM

Skills required: none
Number of participants: 12
Goal: to learn how to divide an individual movement into 12 phases of movement and how to prepare any motif for a laser cut
Activities: making thumbnails on a pedestal, placing it in urban space, and bringing it to life with the help of a mobile app
Skills acquired: creating a moving image in 12 phases
Material: wooden boards, plexiglass, drawing accessories
Tools: laser cutter
Mentors: Andreja Goetz, Jelena Dragutinović, Tomo Per