Robot nanny for plants / 9-12 years

During the workshop, you’ll create a circuit that senses humidity levels. When there’s enough water in the soil, ROGoFlora’s eyes aren’t shining, but when humidity levels drop, the eyes light up and let you know it’s time to water your plants. You’ll create ROGoFlora’s body out of fabric with a laser cutter and then assemble the electronic components and link them with a battery.

You’ll get to take your ROGoFlora home with you after the workshop is concluded.

Skills required: none
Number of participants: 8
Goal: creating a working circuit and ROGoFlora
Activities: designing a robot, drawing, laser cutting, planning the circuit, preparing electronic components, sewing, interconnecting electronic elements, testing
Skills acquired: basics knowledge of electronics (circuit, LED lights, switches, batteries, short circuits, conductivity, resistance, voltage, sensors), incorporating electronic components into textile products
Material: fleece, batteries, resistors, conductive thread, humidity sensor
Tools: 3D printer, laser cutter, fabric press, pliers, needles, scissors, threader
Workshop author and mentor: Lavoslava Benčić