Electric brushy / 7-12 years

Electric brushies are made by soldering and gluing together a simple vibrating motor and a toothbrush head; you’ll race your brushies against each other in a custom-made maze. While creating your little robots, you’ll learn about how electric motors work, get to know the basics of design and work with a laser cutter and the software required to build the maze.

You’ll get to take your very own electric brushy home with you after the workshop is concluded.

Each participant must bring their own old toothbrush to the workshop.

The workshop is fully booked.

Skills required: none
Number of participants: 8
Goal: moving the electric brushy along a maze
Activities: vectorisation, soldering, glueing, designing, decorating
Skills acquired: understanding the basic workings of electric motor
Material: plexiglass, wood, other decorative materials
Tools: laser cutter, soldering iron, glue gun
Workshop author: Happy Lab
Mentor: Ivana Osećanski Despić