RogLab Open 2017: City for Everyone

The theme of the call for entries is the development of products, additions, spatial interventions and art that appeal to society’s most pressing issues and the very concrete needs of individual users. We are looking forward to projects that include ingenious solutions using electronics and new materials, as well as those that enhance our current public spaces using more traditional tools.

Open Call

The entries had to show respect to a wide range of end users regardless of their cultural differences, economic capacities, sex, sexual orientation, various disabilities and age in the following applicable fields:

  • public spaces/buildings
  • textiles, clothes and accessories
  • street furniture
  • urban beekeeping
  • urban gardening
  • mobility
  • other relevant fields

Prototype development

The competition set out to find projects in the field of product design, fashion design, art and architecture who stand out by a particularly creative use of 3D technologies, who develop eco-friendly and socially responsible products and contribute to a higher quality of life for both individuals and the community. 16 projects were entered.

The selection panel composed of Luka Mali – Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana; Kristijan Tkalec – Zavod Kersnikova institute (Biotehna, Rampa laboratorij); Karin Košak – Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, UoL; Katerina Mirović – Forum Ljubljana; Meta Štular – RogLab, Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana; and François Friderich – RogLab, Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana, selected three project ideas and decided not to award a fourth prize.

The three selected projects are the product of a collaboration between the authors and mentors, and were created between October 2017 and February 2018.

Project partners

Zavod Kersnikova
Faculty of Electrical Engineering UL
Faculty of Natural Sciences UL
RPS d.o.o.
Faculty of Architecture UL
Forum Ljubljana



Modular multihanger



Curb ramp for cyclists


Rusty white

Rust print on old textiles