Ljubljana has joined the Fab City global initiative

Ljubljana has joined the Fab City global initiative

We’re proud to announce that city of Ljubljana has joined the Fab City global initiative. In 2014, Xavier Trias, the then-mayor of Barcelona challenged cities to produce everything they consume by 2054. Since then, Fab Cities, Regions and Countries have pledged to join the Fab City Network. They all have the same goal: to locally produce energy, food and materials to reduce their environmental and social impact on the planet, and globally share best practices through open networks.

Ljubljana is committed to a circular economy, creativity and innovation. In 2021 the city has prepared its first circular economy strategy. A circular vision of Ljubljana is a model that seeks out an equilibrium between design and innovation, implementation and evaluation, inclusion and communication. The uniqueness of Ljubljana’s circular transition lies in its openness to the influx of initiatives proposed by various stakeholders whilst also being able to incorporate them into its strategic development projects and push for concrete implementation through action plans. Particular attention is paid to the fact that circular solutions are conceived in collaboration with representatives from creative industries, giving rise to imaginative, aesthetically sophisticated and pleasing designs.

Ljubljana has joined the initiative at the proposal of the Center Rog which will open its doors in 2023. The former bicycle factory in the city centre is currently being reconstructed and it will be home to the Center Rog, an interdisciplinary production space with shared infrastructure facilitating creatives in the field of applied art, crafts, design and architecture with an emphasis on sustainable development. In 2018 Ljubljana received the Eurocities Innovation Award for RogLab – Center Rog’s pilot project development model and its outstanding achievements in the delivery of local activities or practices, which improve the quality of life for all citizens. RogLab was, when established in 2012, Slovenia’s first fablab, thus Ljubljana was a pioneer in introducing the maker culture to Slovenia.

Fab City Network now includes 49 cities from all around the world.



International cooperation opportunities


We are holding a series of virtual meetings on various aspects of Center Rog where you can ask us any questions you may have.

Textile printing workshop (advanced)


For all of you interested in textile printing we're organizing a workshop.

Guided tour of Center Rog's construction site


Every first Thursday of a month we're organizing guided tours of the Center Rog's construction site.