Take off! Take in! project conclusion


Between 19 April and 5 May, RogLab became one of the work stations for young women and men from Bavaria, visiting Slovenia in the context of the international youth exchange project Take off! Take in!, led by Zavod Horus.

Magic Forest: Unveiling of the Children's' Exhibition


You are kindly invited to join us on 23 May at the Ljubljana Botanical Garden for the opening of the Magic Forest installation, created especially for the Lighting Guerrilla festival by the children who attended Saturday workshops.

Female Avatars: Virtual and Real Spaces


The ČIPke Initiative, RogLab and Rampa Lab prepared a workshop called Female Avatars – Virtual and Real Spaces under the mentorship of inter-media artist Tank Thunderbird.

Animated film The Wheel


The animated movie The Wheel results from a series of creative workshops organized at RogLab during the autumn of 2014.  Children from the Tone Čufar Primary School researched the story of the world’s oldest wooden wheel with an axle, which is exhibited at the City Museum of Ljubljana.

Form - Volume - Detail Architectural workshop


In November 2014, Seminar studio Jurij Sadar in collaboration with New York City College of Technology - CUNY, Faculty of Architecture UL and RogLab organised the international architectural workshop Form - Volume - Detail led by professor Joseph Vidich.

So Long, Factory - A Cycling Tour Through Industrial Sites and Their Stories


Join us for a cycling tour So Long, Factory, on Saturday, May 24. The cycling tour is being organised within the frame of the 2014 Cycling Festival. Anthropologist Nina Vodopivec from Institute of Contemporary History and architect Sonja Ifko from Faculty of Architecture will take us on a journey through industrial sites and their stories. 

Socialdress Wall Chart (On Work)


Stripburger/Forum Ljubljana and KUD Trivia, in partnership with RogLab, have organised the Socialdress Wall Chart (On work) workshops, which took place in RogLab in January and February 2014. All manner of participants, regardless of their previous sewing or design experiences, were welcome.



Startup.Design was a series of 4 lectures and workshops for all creative individuals who are considering a unique route and developing a new product/service that will change the world. The programme practically and concisely presented the entire process, from the development of the idea to entry into the market, as well as showed participants how to approach possible investors. 

Jane's Walk: Trubarjeva - Petkovškovo nabrežje


Within the international initiative Jane's Walk you are invited to join us on an urban walk for friendlier towns, which will take place at 6 pm on Sunday, 5th May 2013.